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SAAD – which inherit the essence of Native American who lives with nature.
We don’t only inherit the innocent dynamism which nature has, but as the same time, we always search for “real” and keep on evolving.

The materials are carefully selected from around the world and we make full use of our best technique for every moment.
Also our designs are not only obsessed with the design of Indian jewelry, but also we stay focused on many different ways of design and have evolved in our own way.

Still now, we’re searching for the real that lies ahead “the real” and keeping on elolving…

  • Silver925

    Silver 925 which we use for our jewelries is also known as “Sterling Silver”.“Sterling” means “real”.True to its name, SAAD’s jewelries are made by “Real Silver”.

  • Leather

    “Saddle Leather” is representative of our leather.The features of Saddle leather is that it is “unfinished” item at the moment you buy.You need to take the time to complete that with using.

  • Natural Stone

    We only use the natural stones which are well-selected by the designer who travels all over the world.And we care about “quality” and “color” as well as being “Real” to choose the materials which are appropriate for us.