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“Wallet”, ”Key case”, ”Coin case” etc., leather can be the base for many kinds of items.
Among leather, “Saddle leather” is representative of our brand.
The features of Saddle leather is that it is “unfinished item” at the moment when you buy.
How to complete is that you expose Saddle leather to direct sunlight, put the oil on it, etc., you need to take the time to complete that with using.

Yes, one-year, a year and half…you can grow just your own item over many years.

We also have another kind of leathers, like “Crocodile leather” and “Stingray leather” which are 100% real leather as well.
We always carefully select the leathers include Saddle leather that is “high-quality” and “high-durability”, and then Local craftsman produce our products with the use of them by hand work.

We never provide the poor materials, for our customers and for our craftsman.That is why we always use the materials which cleared a careful quality check by designer.

All the materials we choose has designer’s special