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Mohammad Yousuf SAAD

SAAD ' s president and current designer.
He had been interested in accessories since in a day and visiting some accessory shops when he had time.
Then it made his feeling about his dream bigger and bigger-Yes, his dream was to have his own accessory shop.
In 1998, he got enough funds and started to work his own business.

Brand name comes from his personal name, (which means in "luck".)
He wished to receive good luck for his own brand.

One day, he was engrossed in some accessory-the indian jewelry that was made by turquoise and red coral.
He said, "I could feel a wonderful aura from the beauty of design, texture and everything!
I thought I want to provide something like this product which has wonderful aura as my product since at first sight.

This is the SAAD’s encounter with native accessories.

However, he was very shocked because there are so many accessories that was not made by real silver and used real natural stones.
He thought this situation would take the good things of Indian jewelry and silver accessory away from them.

He decided that he launched his own brand.
Then the fight for his products had started.
He looked out the 100% natural stones and pure silver for the products by his own.
And also he carried out thorough quality control.
This way, SAAD SILVER ACCESSORY was born.
This brand was created by his strong passion for the silver accessories.

“From now on also, I would like to keep doing my best for my customers to make them satisfied as much as I can.” ,saying SAAD, is a president, but at the same time he’s A designer.