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SAAD – which inherit the essence of Native American who lives with nature.
We always search for “real”.
The things we always care about to search for real is, “material”, “technique” and ”soul”.

As material, “silver”, “natural stones includes Turquoise”, “saddle leather” etc., we go around the world carefully selecting like those materials which are just high-quality with our own eyes.
We also keep exploring the technique to create our products and mastered our “best technique” for every moment.
Our designs are not only swayed by Indian jewelries but “the times”, ”needs”, “world” etc., we stay focused on many different ways of design to make Indian jewelries change to our one-of-a-kind jewelry.

To create our products, the best-materials are used by the skilled craftsman with the best-design.
All of products are added the craftsman’s soul, and then “”the real item” is finally born.

Up until now, and in the future, we would like to keep giving all of our customers-SAAD LOVERS the real items as much as we can.