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Silver – when you talk about Indian jewelries, you can’ leave out that.
It is a symbol of “innocence” and “purity” because of its beautiful white color and brilliancy and it is also thought holy thing since ancient times.

Silver 925 which we use for our accessories is made by 92.5% natural silver, true to its name.
Why is it not 100%? Welll, for Silver is too soft to make the accessories.
It would be very soft, bendable by hand and too fragile one if you use natural silver (100% silver).

That’s why Silver needs to be added some other metal to it to increase its strength.
In fact, the Native-American made accessories are also made by Silver925.

Furthermore, it is called “Sterling silver” as well.
“Sterling” means “real”. As its name suggests, all of SAAD’s accessories are made by “real silver”.
In recent years, there is not a little low purity silver which has mark of “silver925” in the market because of runaway growth of Silver.
On the surface, Silver925 and the others look almost the same, but if the percentage of silver is different, some durability issues might come up and would develop the reaction of metallic allergy. (Some another metal except silver tend to cause allergic reactions but Silver seldom cause that.)

In case of high-quality silver, it has some conveniences that the difference in brilliance of silver, high durability and law-chance of developing the metallic allergy.